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Logo Sal CostaIn 1846 the company founded by Onofre Caba began marketing activities under the name of salt Salt Caba. Quickly, this enterprising industrialist Barcelona, ​​two businessmen, Mr. Cuyás and Joaquin Costa Gomis came together to form a society whose aim was the marketing of various staples for the period: salt, rice, pulses, etc.

In the 1880s, the company’s products already enjoy a high reputation. It is at this time that the Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Barcelona published an opinion on the quality and benefits of salt marketed by the Office of Joaquin Costa. Sal Costa is also present at major events of the period, highlighting the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888, Chicago in 1893 and Paris in 1899, among others.

The efforts of the three partners made the company the first to offer an anhydrous salt, which means the first step towards a dry salt. This revolutionary method and form of packaging caused the admiration of consumers and competition, so in the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, Don Joaquin Costa methodology and patented manufacturing process, becoming the first company in Spain that showed a patent on a method of manufacturing dry salt. It is the time of the Industrial Revolution and the activity is frantic.

Through several acquisitions and partnerships involving the popularity of the salt marketed by the company grew among consumers.

In the 40s of last century, the company management is taken over by the successors of Don Joaquin Costa.The expansion continues and the company’s assets are updated, incorporating revolutionary machine that will change the way of working of the time, forming one of the first fleets of distribution Spain.

The March 24, 1956, Costa Sal is first registered as a trademark, because until then the salt was sold as brand La Paloma. Transfer all the consumer’s perception of the earlier mark she had a brand new Costa Sal was an arduous and difficult work, carried to a successful conclusion thanks to the vision of company marketing.

The May 2, 1968 the final SAL COSTA, SA, preceded by “Hijos de Joaquín Costa, Collective Regular Society” is constituted. With the corporatization, Sal Costa takes on new and innovative thrust, which is the basis of the current company. Thus, in 1973, it approved by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Sal Costa brand, and in 1982 the characteristic container vertical stripes, marketed since 1960 and who was present on the market until the end of 2009 is recorded.

Sal Costa and by demanding we continue to innovate every day. In our laboratory over 18,000 analyzes per year are performed to provide our consumers with higher quality products, hoping to meet consumer expectations.

Sal Costa meets the most stringent quality standards: in December 2003, Sal Costa is certified under ISO 9001: 2000, having already been the first company 22/12/98 Sal in Spain to be certified under the rules ISO processes for packaging and marketing.

Since 1999, all production is centralized in a new plant in the port of Barcelona, ​​where innovative storage and internal transport of salt develop. This transfer means, however, the closure of facilities emblematic Paseo Carlos I (then c / Marina), which had been throughout the s. XX landmark of Barcelona.

Sal Costa, in an effort to remain a pioneer in quality and offer the best products to their customers, is the first company in Spain salt incorporating an optical cleaning system, which removes physical means salt, any impurity I may have been introduced into the product during the process of collection or transport, obtaining a completely pure and natural salt.

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