The World’s First Certified Organic Caviar!


Riofrio Organic Caviar


From the Phoenicians to Rome, from Rome to the present day; combine this with the know-how of Russian and Iranian experts, and an important amount of research and development, results in one of the worlds most sought after luxuries, triumphing in markets all around the world.

Caviar de Riofrio is rich in flavors, with a silky, soft, elegant touch on the palate, with a gentle aroma of sea breeze. It has a long and persisting finish, with a hint of sweetness, only recognizable in high quality caviar, which keeps you wanting more. The usual color for caviar is “pearl grey” with different types of reflections, similar to that of small full moons, which makes it attractive and desirable. Occasionally we extract eggs with lighter color, including albino, green, gold or even black at times.

Our Caviar originates from the “Acipenser Naccarii” species, a gastronomic jewel appreciated throughout the world for its high quality meat and caviar. It is also known as the famous and prehistoric prize-winning sturgeon from the Guadalquivir River. It is a species more than 250 million years old, which once inhabited the rivers in southern Europe and Spain. It was on the verge of extinction due to the uncontrolled fishing in recent years; however, today we are the only breeders in Spain of this prehistoric species. Following almost a quarter of a century of research and breeding, our company can proudly account for the largest population of the “Acipenser Naccari” species in the4 world. We breed the sturgeon similarly of that in the wild and do not harm the natural wild stock whatsoever.

The purity, richness and quality of the waters, the climatology of the area, the food, the treatment the animals receive (100% certified organic production) allows us to breed this jewel in the similar conditions to its natural wildlife.


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